3Gallon Portable 300 Psi

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MistCooling Inc is proud to introduce the best portable misting system in the market!  This is the first truly mid pressure portable unit in the industry.  Engineered for optimal cooling, 300 PSI pump creates ultra fine mist that instantly cools surrounding areas up to 30 degrees!  This low flow continuous duty pump uses less water thus no need for constant refills.  System can be customized for various different applications.   This truly portable misting system will be your perfect companion during hot summer, no matter where you go!  Not only it keeps your drinks cool, it keeps YOU cool!


  • Max 300 PSI Continuous Duty Pump with 3 Gallon Personal Cooler
  • On/Off Switch
  • 2-Nozzle Mist Kit (Can be customized for different applications)
  • In-Line Filter
  • 15ft  Power Cord Adds Flexibility
  • Runs Quiet
  • Appx. 3 Hrs of Run Time Per Fill
  • Weighs less than 7lbs - Empty
  • 110v (12vDC and 220v Available)


  • Poolside areas
  • Sporting events
  • Backyard Bar-B-Q
  • Golf Cart misting
  • Umbrella misting
  • Boat and RV misting
  • Rehab
  • Indoor Humidification
  • Dust Control
  • Pet cooling
  • Tailgating
  • Any outdoor activities
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