Commercial Pool cooler

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Our Commercial Pool cooler cool down the pool water temperature drastically up to 10 degree and quickly boosts oxygen levels and can even be used as a de-icer in the wintertime!

Insufficient oxygen circulation in the water. Hot, cloudy weather and waste decomposition are just two of the many factors that can lead to several serious problems of heat stroke and prone to foul algae growth, mosquitoes and many flying insects around the pool.

Let your hotel/club guests enjoy a dip in the pool during summers by keeping it cool with our portable commercial pool cooler.

1 Nozzles pool Cooler  consist of

  • Motor Pump assembly 110v 
  • Sprayer Assembly-1 Nozzle
  • Suction Hose with fitting.6' with check valve
  • 6' Power cord included, other lengths available
  • GFCI Adapter Included - FREE  

2 Nozzles pool Cooler  consist of

  • Motor Pump assembly 110v or 220v
  • Sprayer Assembly
  • Suction Hose with fitting.
  • Suction Strainer.
  • 35' Extension power cord included, other lengths available
  • GFCI Adapter Incuded - FREE


Specification for 2 Nozzle Pool Cooler

  • Single Phase- 120 V.
  • Maximum Capacity: 400 LPM
  • Water Throw up to: 50 Ft
  • Optional 230 V - 60 Hz or 50 Hz for international customers available on request.
  • Optional power cord length on request quote
  • Larger capacity pool cooler can be customized

Featuring a high flow pump motor unit, high quality ultra-fine spray-flow adustable nozzles and  with suction hose, we offer you the finest and the quickest way to keep your pool cool even during the hottest summer days.

It’s portable, efficient and highly functional, perfect to keep large sized hotel, sports club and commercial pools cool by 10 to 12 degrees. It can also be used to cool Olympic sized training pools.

Our pool coolers are based on the evaporation and heat transfer principle. The mist generated helps create a cool zone instantly and cost-effectively as it is evaporated due to the sun’s heat. The result is a cooler pool and a relaxing swimming experience.

This commercial pool cooler dramatically agitate high volumes of water at the surface to maximize exposure of water to the air 
for valuable gas exchange, greatly producing your refreshing comfortable swim in the pool.
Also looks as decorative water falls effect at the night lights.

Easy to install or remove – making it great for portable emergency operation as well in case of fire.

Apart from the standard size, we customize the pool cooler according to your size of swimming pool.

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