Pool Cover - Safety pool cover

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Pool Cover - Safety pool cover

Before you know it, fall then winter will be here, and this is the time to cover your pool to keep your pool safe and clean. Our Pool Covers are a premium option for swimming pool owners who are looking for a great looking product made with the strictest standards. Reinforced with heavy-duty webbing along the top and bottom of every seam, 90% shade-rated heavy-duty strength porous mesh, 34 x 20 scrim count or tightness of the weave. Along with the cover itself, your purchase includes a brass plug, brass screw, spring buckle, and a vinyl sleeve.

Standard Mesh safety cover is 90-percent shade-rated porous mesh allowing less sunlight to penetrate the material resulting in less algae growth in your pool in the offseason.

This mesh features a 34 x 20 scrim count, a measure of how tightly the material is woven. The cover weighs 4.2-ounces per square inch. It is packaged with a brass plug, brass screw, spring buckle, and vinyl sleeve.


  • Durable and strong for years to come
  • High scrim count keeps sun from pool water, ensuring that in spring, your pool will be clean and will have less algae growth.
  • 90-percent shade-rated heavy-duty strength
  • Keeps pool opening tightly covered, protecting your pool, and discouraging pet or human activity


  • Cover
  • Brass plug
  • Brass screw
  • Spring buckle
  • Vinyl sleeve¬†

Optional Brass Anchor for Pool Safety Cover

Standard Mesh Features

  • 90-percent shade-rated mesh
  • 34 x 20 Scrim count (tightness of weave)
  • Weighs 4.2-ounces per square yard

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